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A redhead tells her blonde stepsister, "I slept with a Brazilian...." The blonde replies, "Oh my God!

Q: What does a blonde and a beer bottle have in common? Q: Why was the blonde upset when she got her Driver's License? Q: What does a blonde do when her laptop computer freezes? Q: Why did God give blondes 2 more brain cells than horses? Q: What is it called when a blonde blows in another blonde's ear?

Not only is her fashion sense on point, but she is extremely intelligent, driven, and hard working.

However, for every society-driven stigma, there is at least one idealistic badass woman out to break the mold.

Not only does Betty have stiff nipples, but you can even see the aleroa or whatever it's called (looked it up, areola).

What's the point in even wearing a shirt at that point?

I appreciate how this appeals to the horny perverts out there.

Meanwhile, Richard was previously linked to Laura Whitmore earlier this year after they were introduced through mutual pal Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, the half-brother of Richard's onscreen character Rob in the huge fantasy hit.


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