Dating an ironman triathlete

When it comes to being an endurance athlete and training for long distance triathlons (half IRONMAN or IRONMAN), there’s something many triathletes don’t talk about.It’s a challenge nearly all of us face, but most people don’t want to admit or discuss it openly.There are two categories, professional and amateur.Amateurs which mostly make up most of the participants are also referred as “age groupers” as they compete and classified further based on sex and age.Relationships are hard enough to navigate but they can hit crisis mode quite easily when they rely on a shared sport, especially when one person suffers an injury, forcing a change in disciplines and challenging life as the couple knew it.

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They are not just training for one sport, but three. Today, I wanted to talk about some ways we can support our significant other as a triathlete.

Get to bed at a decent hour so they can get enough rest5. Massage their sore muscles Before the Race (days before the race)9. Try to avoid asking them to do or tackle things that require a lot of mental mind power (they will need to save it for the race)15.

Have the house stocked with nutritious snacks to ensure they are getting enough calories6. Give them Words of Affirmations about their training and ability going into the race10. Make sure they remember to pack all their supplies12. Discuss with them their expectations of the race16.

A romance with a Nordic skier left me with a lower resting heart rate and knowing to wear my beanie low with the sunglasses on the outside.

While it is a great pleasure to do the activities you love most with the person you adore, that doesn't require that you do everything together.


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