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Being in the dating industry for the last 5 years, I know that it is not easy for ladies over 40, and also men who are in their late 40s and 50s to meet like-minded singles. For singles over 40 who have been reading my blog, do check out Dr Liu’s site.

Of the people who’ve advised me to just marry a rich man instead of slave away to earn money, there have been close friends, superiors at work and even complete strangers here in sunny Singapore.

It probably couldn’t have been a more perfect match – she was attractive, incredibly enthusiastic about her work, well- traveled, easy to talk to, and had a very kind heart.

I definitely would not have had the opportunity to meet her without Society W’s introduction.

I also go to Cambridge Therapeutics every week for the Genosys Hair Growth Therapy (0 for 30min), which is a deep-cleansing scalp treatment.” Chua has two children — a son, Cleveland, 21, and a daughter, Calista, 17.

Her small family also consists of her parents, who reportedly live with her, and her boyfriend, who frequently appears in pictures with her.

I have a fairly positive and outlook on life, I love nature.

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” Fortunately or unfortunately, while maintenance payments are often made out to ex-wives, it’s a myth that divorce automatically entitles her to half the ex-husband’s money.

read more Violet’s Comments: Read this rather interesting article in today’s TODAY newspaper.

Think it’s really heartening to know that this lady Dr Liu has started a social club for singles who are over 40.

If you’re planning to serve divorce papers on a soon-to-be-ex spouse, it’s important to know why maintenance is even ordered.

The court isn’t going to just order one party to pay the other because he cheated or stopped putting in effort after 10 years.


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