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When travelling in regional NSW on regional transport services, you will need to contact the local transport operators for ticketing and fare information.

ADULT MATCH OUTCOME **Ladies** Sometimes we do not have enough ladies to form brackets so we do a round robin with all the ladies together and each match is 8 minutes long.

If so, you will have to bring it into a Croydon library before we can issue it to you again.

You can Renew Items Online before or on the date they are due back. Please write the new dates on the date label of each item.

If you qualify, you may complete the form PPTC482 entitled “Adult Abroad Simplified Renewal” available on this link.

It's generally understood that the gi game is what is new to wreslers. Because the pressure is spread out through the entire body noone should get hurt POINTS There are no points or advantage points calculated for any positions or moves. No Gi: A tight/snug fitting T-shirt or Rash guard on top is required by all athletes. Long & loose-fitting board shorts or Gi pants on the bottom are required to be worn by all athletes.

Please contact the Consular Services to obtain this document.

Documents to submit with your passport application: Modification of family name: If you wish to change the name which will appear on your new passport (due to a marriage, divorce, etc.), please consult the following page to verify the supporting documents required with the application.

Adult passport application presented outside of Canada / Adults 16 years of age or over – PPTC040For your first passport application or for a passport renewal, complete the form PPTC040 entitled “Adult Abroad General Passport Application for Canadians 16 years of age or over applying outside of Canada”.

You may download the form with this link Verify if you qualify for Simplified Renewal by consulting the following link: criteria for Simplified Renewal.


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