Who is nephew tommy dating

Tommy "The Duke" Morrison went for a walk on the Las Vegas strip one cold February morning in 1996 thinking of ways to spend the .5 million that was in his new contract.An hour later he was in a hotel suite surrounded by the people who loved him; everybody was in tears as he had just been told that he had tested positive for HIV in a routine pre-fight medical.

Morrison's initial shock at the diagnosis faded, and after immediately acknowledging that he had lived a promiscuous lifestyle, he started to deny that he was HIV, or that HIV even existed.Michael Jackson's older brother has branded claims he has orchestrated the sudden disappearance of their mother Katherine as part of a cynical bid to take over the King of Pop's vast estate as 'lies' and 'nonsense''This is our mother.We’re looking out for her best interests.'The papers filed by Trent, 52, were in response to a temporary restraining order granted against him last month by family matriarch Katherine.Morrison was 27 years of age, a former world heavyweight champion, the grand nephew of John Wayne and the star of Rocky V, in which he was Sly Stallone's protégé, Tommy Gunn.He was a good ol' boy, a man with an Elvis tattoo on his hip; he owned a mountain lion and the third and final fight in the new contract was a showdown with Mike Tyson.Meanwhile, at the Corn Exchange in Causton, a local amateur dramatic production of Amadeus reveals a backstage world of intrigue, passion & gossip - and a whole new meaning to the term “corpsing” when there is a second murder.


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