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I think it's hilarious when women talk about their "dry spells." This usually refers to the period of a couple weeks in between boyfriends, when they were sorting through 100 applicants and had not yet found one who met their 20 minimum requirement and not created a "spark", whatever that means. What percentage of those guys find them attractive (like, real attraction - continues after "hello")? Saying that a girl can date any guy they want is wrong.

Your response is not the world I live in; so I can't really respond. Other than showing certain people think others are poopie-heads. I hate actually moderating and warning and stuff -- I'm lazy that way -- so let's all make it so I don't have to. Incidentally, did you mean "pea-brained" (small-brained) or did you literally mean her brain is made of urine? On the topic, I don't see how there's much difference between men and women in this space.

It's relatively easy to meet people and go on dates. I ended up with the chef I am with, who is passionate about what he does. Yeah, I suppose men are theoretically more likely to take an (annoying, stupid, whatever) attractive woman out in hopes of banging her. Should women be proud or consider things "easy" because they're possibly more likely in some scenarios to be used for sex than men? Per your OP, any man "who is above average in attractiveness" can also get laid whenever he wants.

Laura’s Playground This community has been around for several years, and the FTM sub-forums are very active.

Susan’s Another older community, Susan’s FTM section is also quite active.


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