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I mean think about it: everything that currently complicates a healthy relationship with someone has been ushered in by technology. We all grew up in a time that is unlike any other time, this generation is absolutely unique, as we were exposed to technology and we got to use it unlike anyone else before us.

Wasn't technology supposed to make our lives easier? Growing up, I recall my teachers prophesying that technology would make our lives easier, and after playing with the 2nd version of Internet Explorer and some Oregon Trail, we all foolishly believed the words of Mrs. Yet, looking back at it now, it is actually making our lives more complicated — and in one field especially: our love lives.

So when you waltz into the room and find your dude face first in your DMs, you may want to freak out. So instead of throwing your i Phone at the wall, do this instead.

Dating today has become a game of yellow pages; we all have a yellow page, whether it be by means of our social media or simply by Googling a name.

We are a friend request and 7 scrolls away from seeing every ex-girlfriend or boyfriend our potential suitor has.

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