Validating the form

After all it's only the browser display being obfuscated and not the data transfer.Because the input type obscures the text typed, you should let the user confirm that they haven't made a mistake.The code presented below would then be used for letting the user change their password.

validating the form-58validating the form-2

But, when same points which were verified on the paper is actually developed then the running application or product can fail while validation. You may also view this list in XML, DAML and OWL formats or using Spectacle.A wishlist of desired tools is also being maintained.This may happen because when a product or application is build as per the specification but these specifications are not up to the mark hence they fail to address the user requirements.Validation is basically done by the testers during the testing. Incidents can also be of type ‘Question’ where the functionality is not clear to the tester.See also the Semantic Web open source tool site Sem Web


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